The Spennymoor Gala Committee are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for this year's Gala Parade.

The main event takes place on Saturday 1st July. It consists of a Parade/Gala procession through the centre of Spennymoor, starting at Barnfield Road and finishing at Victoria Jubilee Park. Further entertainment is provided within the park for the remainder of the event, 12:30hrs – 16:30hrs.

This long-running event has historical meaning to the community of Spennymoor. It provides an engagement platform and a showcase opportunity for local community groups, schools and organisations within and around the town by featuring and taking part in the Parade.

2023 Theme: The Enchanted Forest

The 2023 Enchanted Forest Parade will incorporate fantasy, nature, and magic elements to create a mystical atmosphere. Anything can happen in an enchanted forest populated by mythical creatures such as fairies, unicorns, and dragons. It represents a journey into the unknown, where the characters must confront their fears and learn to trust their abilities. It can also be a symbol of transformation and growth, where characters undergo a process of self-discovery and emerge stronger and wiser for their experiences. Costumes are essential to the Parade to bring our theme to life. Therefore, we encourage those taking part to dress in costume to enhance the fantasy atmosphere. Popular costume choices with this theme include fairies, elves, woodland creatures, and other magical beings.

Back for 2023 is our BEST BANNER competition. Think outside the box, be creative and design a banner (extra points if this matches our 2023 theme, Enchanted Forest). Showcase your banner within the Parade, which the town mayor in Jubilee Park will judge…You could be the 2023 trophy winner.

This is an excellent opportunity to be involved with your local community for this fantastic event, and we hope you can join us for what will be a fantastic day.

Walking Group
Mobile Float Entry (bicycles, mobility scooter etc)
Less than 5
5 - 10 participents
10 - 15 participents
15 - 20 participents
20 - 25 participents
25 - 30 participents
30 plus participents