The Committee

John Culine MBE

A local legend, previous Mayor of Spennymoor, Councillor and Chairman of the Showmans Guild for many years John has been with the Gala Committee for over 40 years and is currently our serving Chairman.

With an unapologetic, passionate love of Spennymoor John can tell stories and produce historic photos with a worrying ease, a wealth of knowledge and a memory for detail makes for many an entertaining conversation (just make sure you put plenty of time aside!).

Organising the 4 day Fairground that runs alongside the Gala, he is an invaluable member of our team.

John was born in Jubilee Park although he doesnt like to speak about it....

Julie Wilson

Always smiling and possibly the most hyperactive member of our group, Julie approaches every Gala year with an contagious eagerness which we cant help but be infected with.  As an ex Nursery School Teacher Julie has ideas that most of us forgot many years ago and because of that we leave the annual theme of the event up to her!

Julie is the glue that holds us together at times and the person you are most likely to deal with if you are part of the Parade or the entertainment in the Park.  Still a passionate member of the Blue Tigers Jazz Band and always a welcome entrant in the parade too.

Unfortunately Julie cant use a 2 way radio and can often be found telling everyone its broken while frantically working her socks off on Barnfield Road before the Parade starts.........

Peter Summers

A man who only ever speaks if theres something worth saying, but when he does speak we all listen because its going to be important!  Peter is our vehicle expert, what he doesnt know about unusual vintage vehicles really isnt worth knowing at all and his black book of Classic Vehicle owners puts Google to shame!  

Peter is likely to be the person you deal with if you have a vehicle entry question for the Parade or a question about the vehicles in the Park.

You can always find Peter on Barnfield Road on Gala Day prior to the Parade setting off, normally at the front being eerily calm, secretly knowing everything will be fine while the rest of us are running around like maniacs.

Paul Humble

Our newest member and already earning a reputation as being the grumpiest one yet, Paul is the Gala's treasurer and the one we rely on to fundraise for the event.  Unfortunately he is also the one we need to wrestle the money from every year to bring the Gala to the town!

You will regularly hear from Paul throughout the year as he is the one who looks after the Facebook page and updates the website too.

Full of strange ideas and never afraid to speak his mind even when he's wrong the coming years should definitely be interesting if nothing else with him around!