The Spennymoor Gala Committee is excited to announce that registrations are now open for this year's Gala Parade, themed Carnival of Colour!

The main event is set to take place on Saturday, 6th July. It will feature a vibrant Carnival style Parade through the heart of Spennymoor, commencing at Barnfield Road at 12:30 and culminating at Victoria Jubilee Park. The festivities will continue within the park until 16:30hrs.


2024 Theme: Carnival of Colour

The 2024 Carnival of Colour will be a joyous celebration of togetherness, diversity and pride of our community. The grand parade will feature the vibrant and dynamic essence of colour, symbolising the beauty of togetherness and the strength found in embracing differences. By taking part you will join the celebration alongside vibrant street entertainment, performers and live music that will bring the Town of Spennymoor to life with energy and excitement. Think bright costumes, colourful props, and dazzling decorations that capture the spirit of celebration and unity.



The route from the Parade starting point at the bottom of Barnfield Road (Spennymoor DL16 6ND) is 0.6miles/1km leading through Cheapside, High Street and onto Carr Lane entering Jubilee Park (DL16 6JJ).


Ideas for Participation:

  • Colourful Costumes: Groups can showcase their creativity by dressing up in colourful costumes, reflecting the theme of Carnival of Colour. Think rainbow colours, vibrant patterns, and unique accessories to stand out in the Parade.
  • Interactive Performances: Engage the audience with lively and colourful performances, such as dance routines, musical acts, or theatrical presentations that resonate with the theme.
  • Handmade Banners: Participate in the BEST BANNER competition by designing a banner that embodies the Carnival of Colour theme. Let your imagination run wild and showcase your artistic flair! Showcase your banner within the Parade, which the Town Mayor in Jubilee Park will judge…You could be the 2024 trophy winner.


This cherished event holds significant historical importance to the Spennymoor community. It offers a wonderful platform for local community groups, schools, and organisations to showcase their talents and come together in celebration. We hope you can join us for what will be a fantastic day.

Toilets & Changing
Those participating in the Parade can use the changing and Toilet facilities located at the Parade start point at St Andrews Church (check in point) on Barnfield Road. Please note no items can be left here and must be taken with you. Toilet facilities are also available within Jubilee Park where the Parade ends

Arriving at Jubilee Park
All vehicles will be directed through a sterile area to the parking line-up. Following the vehicles entering the park, all walking groups will be directed to the Parade Holding / Showcase Space which is next to the bandstand. Any parents who will be required to collect children after the parade are advised to be at the Band Stand area from 12.45 pm – to 13.00 pm.


Spennymoor Gala Committee has appointed a Safety Officer, whose duty it is to ensure that all entries are safe and reach a minimum standard. The committee have the right to refuse entry into the procession. Our Event Manager, Security and Marshals are here to help and guide you and to ensure that all procession entries are safe and suitable for the parade. This year the Parade will be split. Vehicles will lead first, followed by Walking Groups with the exception of the Spennymoor Town Band who have historically led the Parade.

1. Please make sure all participants are able to physically complete the route. If you become ill please leave the parade and move to a safe place on the pavement. Seek medical attention from following first aid.
2. Please keep a safe distance from all moving vehicles. Keep all children in a group and make sure that they have adequate adult supervision. We suggest a minimum recommendation of 1 x adult to every 5 x children
3. Each group must appoint a safety officer - an adult member of the group to be responsible for all aspects of safety and act as a single point of contact between your group.
4. Individually wrapped sweets are allowed to be thrown to those on the pavement 
5. Those who are spectating must not join your walking group whilst the parade is in motion. Security and marshals will be in place throughout the walking route.
6. No Stopping – unless a requirement by parade stewards.
7. Walking groups are permitted to use decorated handheld wheeled trolleys, platforms and carts.
8. Dogs are not permitted to walk in the Parade and are not allowed in the show field.

Risk Assessments
Please complete your own risk assessments for this event. The Gala Committee, its members, sponsors, or associates accept no responsibility for any accident or injury sustained as a result of any person’s participation in the parade.

Walking Group
Mobile Float Entry (bicycles, mobility scooter etc)
Less than 5
5 - 10 participents
10 - 15 participents
15 - 20 participents
20 - 25 participents
25 - 30 participents
30 plus participents